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With the generally hectic schedule expected during summer, including work, vacations, and spending time with friends and family, for one weekend, Genesis Arts and Music Festival creates a community where it is truly a happy place. With the combination of music, people, art, and camping, this is why so many of us time and again clear an entire weekend to spend with the friends and family we love so dearly. When coming to Genesis Arts and Music Festival, everyone is just a friend you haven’t met yet. Genesis is loved by so many and here is why: One of the most important reasons for this event is of course the music. With music’s ability to reach the hearts of so many people simultaneously, getting us to groove and sway, creating a personal connection between ourselves and the music, there is no doubt that music has the ability to draw in for a four day music-packed adventure. Secondly, are the people. Genesis brings in people from all around the country, a certain soul is brought to the festival grounds. There is a connection made from everyone’s mutual love for music and acceptance. This creates an audience that is friendly, personable, and worth traveling far distances to spend up to four days with. Many have begun friendships and festival families at Genesis over the years that are close enough to last for a lifetime. The art is another aspect of our festival that entices people to attend. Between the stunning art creations by local artists, craft vendors, and even ordinary festival goers, there is a world of art both outside and within Genesis walls. The intense focus on art and visual stimulation creates this beautiful, yet entertaining, environment of a music festival that constantly amazes the crowd. Not every festival offers camping, but for most, the camping itself is even enough to draw people’s attention. For the length of the festival, attendees get the chance to live in the campground, becoming comfortable with little amenities, and sharing food, laughs, and memories with the people around them. The campgrounds become a sanctuary, where everyone creates their temporary homes in a secure and trusting environment. And although showers are minimal, it's generally accepted that getting a little dirty is just part of the festival fun. The most important part of Genesis Arts and Music Festival that keeps people coming back for more encompasses of all of the reasons above. This aspect is love and acceptance. From the beginning of the festival, until each person is packed up to leave for the last day, there is an aura of general happiness between every person. For one weekend, crowds continually mark their calendars to gather at Genesis Arts and Music Festival and experience the happiness and love of such a spectacular event.