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UHF Productions is proud to present to you A Genesis Family Reunion.

This year we're hosting a smaller family gathering as we prepare our team to take Genesis Arts and Music Festival to the next level. So to prepare ourselves, and you; This years event will span only two nights of fun and friendship. Much thought was put into this decision as we want to bring the highest quality production possible on a level that our fans have come to love and expect from us. We hope to see you all at Bittersweet Campground, our friendly local host in the Willamette National Forest with Fire Dancers, Live Art Performances, Vendors, Food, Workshops, Camping and more!

The 2018 Genesis Family Reunion will be Friday July 20th - Sunday July 22nd

Gates Hours:
Friday @ 12 Noon till 12pm Midnight
Saturday @ 10am till 12pm Midnight
Sunday Festival Ends at 12 Noon

There will only be 300 total tickets this year so when the links go up you better grab them fast! There will be no tickets at the gate this year. Online tickets only!

Tickets: $50
RV/camp trailer/bus pass: $75 (SOLD OUT)


Art by Dela


The exact lineup is still being determined. Stay posted.

We are accepting applications for vendors, live art, and volunteers.
Vendor fee is $60
Live Art/Performers Application
Craft Vendor Application
Food Vending Application
DJ and Band Application
Volunteer Application

The Bill

Blake Rudolph - PsyMetrical
Pope - It's fine - Action
Peak Levels - Zypher - DJ Harlo
Clockwork - Rylek One
Tommy2Gunnz - Indiglo
Funkadelic Shaman - Purdy
Mind Expansion Project
Danger: Russ - Thumprint
Danimal - HarlEQuin
Stoop Kid - Sinsay - SBK
Eye MC - BLAOW! - Jalaya
Mike.Ill - Suds - Ovoid
Pilz Beats - Sage - Bassmint



Raw Deal Empire

"slingin' breakfast, burgers and smoothies until the wheels fall off"
Facebook: Rawdealempire


Malabarista Coffee Co.

"We're the coffee clowns, keeping the circus awake! No tricks, just good coffee."
Facebook: Malabarista



Luna Fay StarShine

Check out one of our our visual artists! Other-worldly, psychedelic, space bunny artist, Luna Fay StarShine is excited to be joining in and doing live painting for Genesis Arts And Music Festival! Luna Fay has been doing his art for almost 10 years! The themes of his work focus on the divine feminine, detailing the beauty of the whole universe with sparkles and shine and rainbows in all shades and hues, creating magical extraterrestrial and multi-dimensional worlds and figures brought to life on paper and canvas.
Instagram: foreveralwayslovinglettuce

Emily Pappas

Emily Pappas is a primarily self-taught artist born and raised in Oregon. The majority of her work explores the nature of human emotion through portraiture with expressive colors and loose brush strokes. She is also a tattoo artist based out of Bend, Oregon.
Instagram: koalaxvx / emilyjoypappas

Brynn Brown

aka Quasar was born in Tucson AZ, moved to Oregon when she was 4 years old and has lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest ever since. Quasar had been creating art since childhood and been painting professional for approximately 10 years. As a believer in magic, she’s constantly striving to push the limits of perception and interpretation through her paintings. Ultimately her view strives to show the unavoidable inter-connectedness of all living things and how our choices and energy attract that which we put out. Blending ideas from some of her greatest influences, her style represents years of creating worlds inside her own mind. Her style stays true to representing the purely stunning mystery and miracle of life, and every stroke of the brush is an inner mantra creating a path closer towards the Divine.
Facebook: Quasaraven
Instagram: Quasaraven

Painted Ladies Art Collective

The Painted Ladies Art Collective consists of 3 friends (Amethyst, Anna and Tiffany) who specialize in the same genre: LED light reactive painting. Often they collaborate on pieces live. The pieces often have geometric patterns that create optical illusions or seem to change under the lights.
Facebook: PaintedLadiesArtCollective

Amethyst “Ame” Beard

Has always looked at life with an artistic eye. Over the years her styles and mediums have evolved. From charcoal and still lifes, to pen and ink, to the avant garde. Her paintings involve LED light responsive elements, and most recently have started to incorporate mixed medias.

Anna Schill aka “Pebbles”

Is a graphic designer that uses LED lights to bring her paintings to life. Acrylic is her favorite medium and she likes to experiment with colors that change in all hues of the rainbow, fluorescent and glow in the dark pigments.

Tiffany Rose

demonstrates her skills with vibrant colors and geometric shapes that shift in LED lighting. She often collaborates with Ame and they have painted and sold many works to avid collectors.

Jeff Leppard Visuals

Is coming out with his amazing visuals skills for us all! From Bend, Oregon, Jeff has created a name for himself in the local community by showing his talent along side up and coming artists as well as better-known artists that had made their way through Bend.
Facebook: JeffMorris
Instagram: JeffMorris


Any method of self-expression that comes from a place of love. Art has no limits and should never be compared. It is the beauty from within being expressed outward.

Brady Black

Central Oregon artist that takes commonly known cartoon characters and makes them into his own art, and more.



Cirque Nirvana

Liven up your next event! Cirque Nirvana is a performance collective of talent, aerialists, flow freaks, fire mages, and a Ringleader running the madness.
Facebook: CirqueNirvana


Aerialist, stage performer/dancer, flow art enthusiast, writer, photographer, model, & love to entertain and dabble in various arts!
Facebook: gypseablissfaery



At 10:13 AM join Nickelle Marie for a gentle yoga rejuvenation and energy boost. With a focus on the pure enjoyment of our body's movement beginning with a guided meditation as we stand joining hands in mountain pose establishing our sense of balance and community before we begin our journey into breath work and playful asanas (yoga poses) to help realign and rejuvenate our mind, body and soul. All experience levels are welcome and a few mats will be provided. Please dress in loose/comfortable clothing; the more freedom of movement you have, the easier it is to sink yourself deeply and get the most out of the yoga session.



The Genesis family is happy to announce Hempies as one of our proud sponsors! Hempies puts the name "head shop" to shame. With everything from your classic pipe and hats, to terp perls and tapestries, Hempies is your one stop shop for glass and accessories!

Adventure Medics

Celtic Protection Services LLC

We've worked with both Adventure Medics and Celtic Protection Services in the past, and each time they've provided excellent on site security and medical assistance as well as just being all around excellent people. We're happy to have them coming back for another year with us.
Safety Information


We a proud to bring in another amazing sponsor for this years' Genesis! Located in downtown Prineville, Oregon, Headbangers sells glass, jewelry and so much more! Here you can also find clothing, tapestries & incense. This store offers a lot more than the eyes will first see. The longer you stay, the more you see!


Shay's Feathers

"Feather earrings and hat pins and more!"

Elation Art

"Conscious sacred geometric jewelry and art made from wood and gemstones. Laser crafted, hand finished next level designs for the open mind. A collaborative effort, created in Portland, Oregon."

Fractal Factory

"Everything you need to fractalize your mind. Poi, orbits, hoops, clothing, pins, and so much more! A rotating selection of Portlands best artists showcased by a collective of radical flow artist entertainers."


"Handcrafted accessories for the individual searching for symbiosis between the real and festival worlds"

Mad Crafters

"We hope to infect the world with joy, creative play and love through our love of nature and fantasy inspired hoods, airbrush art and custom made costumes."

CallYourFam Glass

"Hand made one of a kind glass art made right here in Oregon featuring bright colors inovative designs, by combining borosilicate and electronics to bring you one of a kind art"

Kalyptic Kollisions

"We are a crystal, art and crochet store. We do shows on the road and online. We are Zhane and Savannah."
Facebook: KalypticKollisions



More will be added here as information becomes available, be sure to check out our Terms and Conditions for additional information.

Q: What is the age requirement to attend Genesis?

A: Genesis is a family event. As such the only requirement(s) is that anyone under the age of 18 be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. This means you need to have your ID - NO EXCEPTIONS -

Q: Will there be camp fires allowed?

A: No personal camp fires will be allowed at the event or charcoal grills. We will allow propane stoves but only if there isn't a ban on them, which you can check here Willamette National Forest. Be sure to check this site on a regular basis before coming to the event. Event staff will enforce any ban set by the Forest Service.

Q: Can we bring our animals?

A: Service dogs allowed at Genesis in accordance with the guidelines provided by the ADA. Genesis is not obligated to allow pets. ONLY service dogs are allowed. In the past, people have brought pets to Genesis pretending that they are service animals. We understand that you love your pet, but Genesis is not the place for him or her. Deceiving Genesis staff into believing that your pet is a service animal when it is not will cause Genesis security to ask you to leave immediately as well as being put on a watch list for future events. We reserve the right to refuse admittance or eject any individual who violates our no pets policy without a refund. Your service dog must remain with you at all times. Genesis will not tolerate animal cruelty under any circumstances. Genesis reserves the right to remove from the premises anyone caught mistreating an animal. Be kind to animals.

Q: What should I bring?

A:  Make sure you bring everything you need for a weekend long stay: warm clothes for the day, cold clothes for the night (as this is in the mountains), medical supplies, food, drink (no glass), tent, sleeping bag, chairs, WATER, and camping necessities.

Q: What do I do with my trash

A: There will be designated trash bins for recyclables and trash. Do your part and help keep the venue clean and use the bins provided. Also if you buy new gear for camping like a tent or chairs, please unpackage these things at home to cut down on the amount of trash at the event.